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  • Personal debt classification

    Basically the “debt” means borrowing some money from a lender which is of different types one of which is personal debt. Personal debt can be explained as the type of debt in which you borrow some money for personal and household use rather than for some investment. It can be of secured form and unsecured. A secured form is one in which you keep some of your asset say house or car as collateral, you pledge your asset and take loan against so that whenever you will be unable to pay loan the creditor can acquire authority over that asset so it is secured form while an secured form is that in which there is no collateral and only on personal guarantee you give loan so it is given on high margin.

    Personal debt can be taken for renovation of home, paying monthly bills, to purchase some home inventory such as microwave, to fulfill sudden medical bill, for education purpose or some other personal need. Credit card also comes under the head of personal loan. It can also be taken to pay some of your personal previous loan. You can either take it from your friend or family. The requirements and documentation for personal loan is easy so people prefer to take this and become much indebted.

    Secured verses unsecured personal loan
    The most important benefit for personal loan is that it is quicker to obtain as has much less amount of documentation involved than the other type of loans. Usually the personal loans are of unsecured type and are known as unsecured loan.

    The secures form of personal loan like home equity loan and some others is easy to obtain as it offers to pledge some valuable asset so is easy to obtain and is given on much lesser interest rate and gives you larger amount due to the value of collateral. For an unsecured loan it is necessary for you to be a jobian so that creditor can become sure that you can make regular monthly payment but in terms of secured personal loan it is not necessary because you are pledging your asset to lender that is a security itself of amount repayment.

    Procedure for personal loan
    The procedure and tools to obtain personal loan is easy because you just have to fulfill few requirements and can get it. Like…
    The creditor will make the authenticity of your credit rating so that he can check that either you will be able to make monthly payment based on the credit history. And in terms of the case if you are borrowing from friend or family he will not do even so and will become willing to give you loan even in terms of your reliability.

    Then the interest rate is an important question for personal debt which is going to base on the amount you are going to borrow and the time period for which you are going to take the loan. You are going to take loan because of your disturbed financial circumstances or for the reason that you are unable to meet your needs within your budget so before deciding and agreeing on interest rate you should practically undergo analysis that whether you will be practically able to make monthly payments as you may have taken some other forms of loan too. The deciding factor for interest is also on your previous credit rating.

    Before completing and submitting the application form for personal loan reconsider that why you are going to take loan and is this necessary for you! It is an important question. Because to manage large personal loans will be impossible for you afterwards.

    The documentation that is needed for acquiring personal loan along with application form is
    Your saving account details
    Property deeds and titles for car
    Your tax papers to check your reliability and your personal information for your verification.